The process of IVF

As the world is advancing day by day, People are getting smarter minute by minute. Instead of going through a natural method of re-production, they prefer ivf pregnancy. Before a decade it was just an alternative solution for infertility but now it is being selected as a choice. So we need to know the entire process of In Vitro Fertilization before we jump into choosing it.

The procedure of ivf is made up of various steps. In the first step, the infertile patient is directed to use medicines of fertility for a specific number of months in order to facilitate the ovaries build an acceptable amount of eggs which must be mature and prepared for fertilization.

In the second step, after the satisfying production of eggs by the ovaries, the eggs are then removed from the body. Such process is known as egg retrieval and involves minimal surgical activities. Patients are provided several medicines to make them feel relief and peace while the operation is in continuity.

Talking about the third step, for the ultrasound to analyze the anatomy, a slim and precise tube moves through the vagina. When the tube reaches ovary and follicles. The needle of the tube is connected to a suction device. This machine sucks the eggs out of every follicles slightly and slowly.

Furthermore, after the retrieval of eggs, sperm cells of the male partner and eggs are transformed as a mixture. The process is known as insemination. To give a start to fertilization, the amalgam is retained in a particular medium. The entire progress is controlled by the lab monitors.

In the final step, In order to let ivf pregnancy occur, the embryos is then inserted into the female’s uterus and the process is known as “Embryo transfer”.

Pregnancy occurs when the embryos linking with the lining of uterus. After the entire procedure, the patients are allowed to leave out for home and engage with normal life once again. Patients are supposed to take pills at home and gain a particular amount of hormone which is basically known as progesterone.

Along with being extremely useful, this technology is expensive at the same time. Not everyone is a born millionaire in their country. Government should pay incentives to the people. A life is priceless, no matter if it’s living as an adult or breathing inside the womb. It is priceless and it should be respected. Click to find out more in this regard.