The differences between sadness and depression

Many people mistaken sadness from depression but sadness and depression are complete two different things and should not be mixed up. Loss of a loved one, loss of a job or breakup from a relationship is such condition which saddens the individual but calling this depression is wrong. This is not depression but sadness due to loss prevailing in the individual.

Sadness and grief are much similar to depression in terms of symptoms but we should not mingle these terms. The sadness after a loss is natural and it reduces with time, whereas depression can’t be reduced without proper treatment.

Depression and sadness are different at certain points and those are:

  • ILLNESS AND CONDITION: The main difference between the two is that sadness is a natural condition after any loss whereas depression is a mental condition which can’t be cured without a proper treatment.
  • SELF ESTEEM: In sadness, self esteem is not harmed and the person is just sad and does not feel guilty of him. But depression leads to feeling worthless and guilty of the person’s personality.
  • DISTRACTION: In sadness the person is able to distract him from the cause of sadness by doing things that he love for example staying with his friends or going out for dinner and then he gets fine. But in depression you cannot focus and concentrate on the things that you love and even after doing it, you don’t get fine or don’t get out of the phase of depression.
  • TREATMENT AND MEDICATIONS: Sadness doesn’t require any kind of treatment or medications and it gets away with time and by distraction. But depression I cured by a proper process of treatments and medication. There are many doctors who are experts at depression treatment in Dubai and get you out of the depression phase.
  • REASON: There is a reason to why you are sad or in grief but when asked to the depression patients about why they are depressed they usually don’t know the reason to the depression and they go blank on this question.

There are many clinics for counseling in Dubai. You should take your loved ones to these counseling sessions to get them back on the life tract so they lead their lives like normal people.