What can make your room lively

Everyone wants to decorate their room in such a way that it would look natural and stylish. However, there are few ways to do for cheap!  Do you want to know them?  If yes, then scroll down and see it here!

Greenery and flowers: Addition of pots and flowers can bring colours in your room which can relax you and let you feel less stress. You can add small pots in your balcony in a stand to make it look beautiful enough to let you feel tension free and make you to have some time. Although, there are some flowers and plants which are not easy to grow, grow easy one plants in your home. You can buy shade plants so that you would not have to worry about their food and slight a lot. Similarly,  if you are facing issues related to water, then plants such plants which do not need much water. In this way your home will be greener without costing you much.

Frames and photos: The room which us connected to your emotion is dear to you. To make your room so heart warming for you, hang small frames and your photos on a wall. The wall should be bright on colour. You can hang your friends’ and your loved ones photos to keep alive the memories of good times. You can even paste the posters of your favourite films or their dialogues to make it dearer to you. In this way, your walls will be decorated too and will look less empty. And that’s what make it lively!

Carpets and rugs: Place fluffy carpets and rugs in your room to make it colourful. You can buy bright and colorful or stylish carpets from stores if your room is soft coloured. In this way, it would not look boring and bright colours will add energy in it. Besides this, you can buy rugs too. They will make it look decent and modish. You can get varieties of them in different stores of your locality.

Lights and lamps: To make your room look natural and simple,  add lights and lamps in it. You can hang a strip of light over your pictures to make it look WOW. You can even rent different lights from event lighting rentals Dubai accord g to the size and color of your room.